International Biocontrol Manufacturers' Association

Founded in 1995, IBMA GLOBAL is an international association of companies dedicated to the production and/or marketing of products for the biological control of pests and agricultural diseases, based on microorganisms, beneficial auxiliary insects, pheromones/semiochemicals and botanical extracts.

Backed by this leading organisation in biological control, and in order to represent the opinions of biocontrol producers, IBMA‐ESPAŅA was founded in 2008.

IBMA ESPAŅA represents a large, technically well-qualified group of Spanish businesses in the biological control sector, whose raw materials play a crucial role in Integrated Pest Management.

The Sustainable Use Directive prioritises non-chemical methods (cultural, physical, biological, biotechnological, etc.) and, among chemical methods, those that have less impact on human health, non-target organisms and the environment in general.

Biological control, and with it the use of the type of products employed by our members, plays a key role in Integrated Pest Management, and is in line with the Sustainable Use Directive. Our objective is better, "greener" production in terms of natural resources and environmental conservation. Biological products have become an alternative to correct the negative effects and risks associated with the widespread and often inappropriate use of conventional chemical pesticides.

IBMA Espaņa companies are confident we can make great contributions to knowledge about the natural world and agricultural ecosystems, prevention, resistance management, respect for the ecosystem and reduced risks for consumers and farmers.