Association of Catalan Fruit Businesses

Afrucat member companies represent 45% of Spanish pear production, 52% of its production of apples and 32% of stone-fruit production. It involves 1,000 Catalonian firms with 10,000 employees, covering 45,000 hectares and producing a billion kilograms of fruit, including peach, nectarine, pear, apple, cherry, plum, apricot and Saturn peach.

Afrucat is formed by a team of professionals who work towards the future of the fruit-growing industry and share a common ideal and approach. These comprise its mission, vision and values.


Defend the viability and future of Catalonian fruit companies and the people who depend on them.
Encourage information exchanges, technology transfers and agricultural advice.
Support innovation, internationalisation and regional differentiation in production. Promote fruit consumption in society and an awareness of market demands.


To drive Catalonian fruit growing to the top of the global market and make it a leading international fruit market.


A dedication to service based on a close and open relationship with society and the fruit community in particular.
Work methods anchored in complete transparency and strengthening the flow of information to enhance knowledge.
Offering and supporting professionalism in the fruit industry.
Seeking connections based on trust and cooperation: creating relationships to succeed on increasingly interrelated markets.
A belief in the need to adapt to change and flexibility as a response to market demands.